One comment on “K.L-Konlinux – Webloja, loja na internet.

  1. Times change and people’s demands change too. The great advantage of the changes is that the past throws light on the future.

    Webloja is the image and likeness of the salesman or the image of the peddler. Anyone willing to make a living selling and buying in, picked up his bags and went to every city, village to village. Ways to build customer loyalty varied widely, some sold with a small entrance to get more reasons to return, others left a pending delivery or exchange of a product to simply be able to return to the same door, this time with the products almost tailored because his/her client had spontaneously expressed their need and their desire to buy.

    (As we know, the business with a high degree of profitability is one that meets these two variables: Necessity and Desire.

    Ex Refueling the vehicle is a necessity but it is not always a desire cause it represents expense.

    Eating chocolate is often a desire, but is almost never a need.

    Buy a famous brand clothing and expensive to go to his own graduation, a chance to show the world who won this stage, responds fully to these variables, Need and Desire clothing to dress for the occasion as well).

    Web business goes from house to house, depending on how it is introduced it will gain the game at first sight. And if the visitor has clicked on some products, this information feeds the marketing department, the purchasing department, the inventory control department because the database will continue working even after the visitor had left the store.

    The forms of payments are varied, and after the first purchase, the web shop accompanies the degree of customer satisfaction and the customer is sure to be attracted to this store to learn that the store is also pleased with his/her presence, because it him/her a feedback, messages of thanks and showing the interest to be helpful and respond well to meet ever.

    How interesting! Times change, people also, but the client remains the same, remains as the enabler of business and the most important actor in the current market economy.

    And the day will come when the Information Technology will interact in equal parts on the tripod of business, “Information Technology + Client + Webshop” This is a game whose results will be profitable for everyone. The good deal is one where everyone wins, it is the game of win x win. – Founded in 2002 – Knowledge is a good of mankind.


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