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    Inicio 19/04/2013 Conclusão prevista para 27/10/2013

    01- Civil Engineering – 1 week

    02- Mechanical Engineering 1 week

    03- Electrical Engineering. 1 week

    04- Engineering Education part 1 – 1 week

    05- Engineering Education part 2 1 week

    06- Roof ½ week

    07- Highways – ½ weei

    08- Surveyin – 3 days

    09- Metal Fatigue – 2 days

    10- Hydraulic Works – 1 week

    11- Steel Beams – 2 days

    12- Concrete – 10 days

    13- Soil Mechanics – 4 days

    14- Foundations – 3 days

    15- Automobile Repairs – 6 days

    16- Sports Cars – 2 days

    17- Home Heating and Air Conditioning – 10 days

    18- Refrigeration – 2 days

    19- Internal Combustion Engines ( part -1) 4 days

    20- Internal Combustion Engines ( part -2 ) 4 days

    21- Thermodynamics – 8 days

    22- Aerodynamics – 8 days

    23- Pumps – 1 week

    GTI-Darcy – Conhecimento é um bem da humanidade.



    -Agriculture – Soils, field crops, horticulture and livestock.

    -Aviation – General aviation, readiotelefphony, mechanics

    -Engineering- Civil amd mechanical engineerint, electrical engineering.

    -Hotel Personnel – Office managers, clerks, cashiers. bar and restaurants employees.

    This course is designed to familiarize the student with the idioms and technical terminology used in

    a wide range of professional fields. Since the course emphasize spoken rather than the written

    terminology, on skype chats are invaluable aid to students of English Technical Course.

    The students who have already learned enough English to carry on a conversation on general

    matters or to read with only infrequent refernce to a dictionary, except to look up technical words.

    K.L-Konlinux provides specialized advanced English instruction for students interested in the field

    of engineering. The lessons have been prepared in such a way as to give the student practice in

    using the vocabulary of engineering context.

    To provide the student with valuale practice in the comprehension, pronunciation, and expression of

    spoken English as it relates to engineering, the student can have on Skype, under previous agenda,

    conversation alive, based on the text already under work.

    You are welcome. Get in, do not lose any single minute.

    GTI- Darcy – Conhecimento é um bem da humanidade.


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