Cooperativa – Trabalho e Participação

O ser humano não foi criado para viver só.

Cooperar é a palavra que tem profundo sentido no cérebro do Ser Humano.

Fundar uma cooperativa é sinônimo de desejo de somar esforços na realização de uma Organização.

The London Olympics will not be the only event during 2012 that brings together all corners of the globe. The United Nations has also designated next year as the International Year of Co-operatives.

With its origins in the UK, the role the co-operative business model plays in progressing social and economic development of communities across the world will be recognised in a special ceremony at the UN in New York later today.

However, most people fail to understand the importance of the model within the global economy, and this is a clear goal the international year aims to address.

There are an estimated 800 million members of co-operatives worldwide and co-operative enterprises employ around 100 million people. According to UN figures, 50% of the world’s living standards are affected by co-operatives.

The top 300 co-operative businesses alone generate combined turnover of $1.1 trillion, enough to make it into the top 15 economies in the world.

Globally co-operation has significant presence in agriculture, financial services, housing and utilities. And there are all sorts of other sectors and activities varying from famous football clubs – most notably Barcelona – to even snake catchers in India, who clearly embrace the ethos and concept.

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