Linux makes a new school, new viewpoints

Free Software is quite different from OpenSource.

We are glad to share our Linux Products after having developed it. In this case we consider it A Free Software, it should be named Free product.

When we speak about OpenSource, we understand that we can modify the code, improve it, copy it, delivery it, distribute it, share it.

A lot of small business in South America have now learned how powerful the OpenSource Software is.

OpenSource products give to the small business opportunity that lack to them. Due to its shape, small business became able to improve

their business, employ coworkers, acquire new machinery and enlarge its presence in the marketing share. Linux is responsible for this new school.

2 comments on “Linux makes a new school, new viewpoints

  1. By: Aaron Johnson

    Community and Events
    KDE volunteers at SCALE8X
    From February 20th to the 21st, Linux enthusiasts from the greater Los Angeles area converged at the Westin Hotel near Los Angeles Airport to celebrate Linux and Free Software at the annual Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE8X). KDE was there once again showing attendees the work of the KDE community.
    The team was showing off Plasma Desktop and a prototype of the Plasma Netbook workspace. There were four new volunteers who did a great job representing KDE for the first time – Jonathan Prien, Wayne Speir, Aaron Reichman, and Barrington Daltrey. A special mention goes also to Gary Greene, who shipped out the KDE booth box for use at SCALE. Aaron Johnson gave a talk “A Basic Introduction to KDE”, attended by about thirty people, that was well recieved.
    All in all, the team had a great time and made a great start for a KDE community in Southern California.


  2. What does the Open Source name stand for?

    Well, it’s the name given to free source code of a program that is made available to development community and public at large.

    The theory behind this is that allowing source code to be used and modified by a broader group of programmarers will ultimately produce a more useful product for everynoe.

    Some popular open source programs include Apache, sendmail and GNU/Linux .

    Linux has been helping to improve the technological and social knowledge
    by its philosophy of community.

    Of course, in some cases, you do have the choice of waiting for binary upgrades, but updating the kernel sources and recompiling the new kernel yoursel makes for a faster solution. Whatever you do, you give food for thoughts.

    “Knowledge belongs to the Humanity”


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